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Volunteering and Benefits

Recruitment Process

1. Complete the provided application package and return it to the District Office.


2. The District will need to do a background check that includes a Department of Licensing review.


3. As a candidate you will need to schedule a physical (at district expense) with Cascade Medical.


4. You will be asked to complete a respiratory questionnaire to ensure your ability to use protective breathing equipment.


5. Your package as well as all pertinent documents will be reviewed by the Chief then submitted to the Board for approval.

6. Members must be at least 18 year old to fight interior fires or work in hazardous environments. Members must be 21 years old to drive fire apparatus. Junior Members between ages 16-18 can become recruits and are provided the opportunity to shadow LWFR Firefighters. 

7. Live within the fire district's response zone. 

8. All new members must complete basic firefighter training. 

9. All new members must complete the NWCG training requirements for Wildland Firefighter II. (This training takes 4-5 days and is taught in house)

10. You may also take part in an Emergency Medical Technician class. (Again, this is a class that involves 2 nights a week maybe a Saturday followed by a National EMT Test usually Jan-Mar of each year)


11. Each member must be EVIP certified to drive apparatus. (This class is taught in house and online about a 2-3-day course).

12. Attend drills on the first and third Tuesday of every month. EMS drills are the second Tuesday of every month. Members are expected to attend 50% of the drills each year and respond to at least 25% of the calls. 

*Most new members complete 8, 9, and 11 their first year but many have completed 8-11 their first year.


1. The Incentive Points Program allows Firefighters to receive a stipend once a month for responding to calls, attending drills, and classes.  


2. Life Flight membership for Firefighters and immediate family (children under 18)


3. Kahler Glen gym membership.


4. Enrolled as a member of the Washington State Firefighters Association. Visit  to learn more about the benefits from this organization.  

5. Member of the Lake Wenatchee Firefighters Association.


6. Provided structural and wildland personal protection equipment & uniforms. 

7. Free training opportunities to prepare for a career in the fire service. 

8. Opportunities to participate in Officer Development.

9. Board of Volunteer Firefighters disability and retirement.  

10. Be part of a great team and serve the community. 

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