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District & Services

LWFR is a full-service Fire, Rescue, and EMS department. Our membership is made of your dedicated neighbors who meet several times a month to train, learn, and prepare for any emergency. Unlike many fully-funded fire departments, our volunteer service requires our firefighters to respond from home or work. Their service is indicative of the unique community we enjoy. Where, regardless of our individualities, we all come together in the protection of our common home and each other.


Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue is a Volunteer Fire District that was established in 2015 with the merger of CCFD #9 and CCFD #4. LWFR serves Plain and the Greater Lake Wenatchee Area. LWFR provides service to approximately 100 square miles within our district. 


Response areas include Lake Wenatchee, Fish Lake, Tall Timber, Trinity, Chiwawa River Pines,  Beaver Valley Hill, Plain, Ponderosa, River Road, Coles Corner, Winton, Chiwaukum, Nason Creek, Merrit, and East Stevens Pass. 


Our district serves a unique community with vast recreational opportunities. We have lakes, rivers, mountains, hiking trails, Forest Service roads, campgrounds, full-time residences and part-time vacation homes. Stevens Pass, and Highway 2 are some of the major landmarks that make up our beautiful area. 

Services We Provide:

  • Fire Suppression 

  • Emergency Medical Services​

  • Wildland Firefighting​

  • Technical Rescue

  • Water Rescue

  • Ice Rescue

  • Avalanche Search & Rescue

  • Snowmobile Rescue

  • Fire Prevention

  • Education & Community Disaster Preparedness

  • Fuel Mitigation


Lake Wenatchee Firefighters train in Structural Firefighting, Wildland Firefighting, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Vehicle Incident Prevention, Water Rescue, Ice Rescue, Snowmobile Rescue, Technical Rescue, Avalanche Search and Rescue, and Automobile Extrication Training. 


LWFR Calls for Service

Our members consist of dedicated neighbors that meet several times a month to train and prepare for emergencies. In the event of an emergency, Lake Wenatchee Firefighters respond from home or work to provide care and compassion to those in need. 

2022: 349

2021: 364

2020: 389

2019: 297

2018: 283

2017: 281

2016: 275

2015: 226

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