During the Fire

What to do DURING a Wildfire:


•Turn on a TV or radio to get the latest emergency information.


•If you have a ladder, prop it against the house so you and firefighters have access to the roof.


•If hoses and adequate water are available set them up. Fill buckets with water.


•Be ready to evacuate all family members and pets when requested to do so.


•Remove combustible material from the area surrounding the house (lawn chairs, tables, etc.).


•Detach electrical garage doors. Back in your car and leave the keys in the ignition.


•Turn a light on in each room for visibility in case of smoke.

•Open or take down flammable drapes and curtains.

•Close all Venetian blinds and non-flammable window coverings.

•Move upholstered furniture away from windows and sliding glass doors.

•Turn off air conditioning/air circulation systems

•Secure your pets if possible.


•Be alert and ready to leave with little or no notice.


•Have your Car backed into the driveway. 


•Turn off sprinkler systems, fire crews will need the water.  


•Put all Propane tanks and BBQ’s inside. 


•Follow Instructions from Sheriff and Fire Crews. 


Sleepy Hollow Fire 2015

Cougar Creek Fire 2018

Evacuation Notices

During a wildfire, evacuation notices may be implemented by the Chelan County Sheriff's Office. At this time CCSO will notify homeowners that they are within a certain danger of the wildfire and that the homeowner should pay attention to the evacuation levels and leave if there is danger to the area. 

Chelan County Evacuation Levels


BE ALERT. Be alert and stay aware of the danger that exists in your area; evacuations are voluntary. 


BE READY. Significant danger to your area; leave voluntarily or be ready at a moment's notice. 


LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Danger to your area is current or imminent; leave immediately. 

Evacuation Sirens

During an evacuation in the Chiwawa River Pines or Ponderosa Communities, an evacuation siren will be activated from the Station 92 or Station 94 station siren. When activated, you must leave immediately as this is a sign of imminent danger in the area. During this time please know the evacuation routes in the area and have a plan for a safe place to stay. 

Evacuation notices may also be sent to your mobile devices. To signup for emergency alerts in Chelan County please visit Alert Sense and you will be notified of alerts in the area. 

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