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Chipping Signup
Closes Oct 8th

*Please note that by submitting this form, you are putting yourself in the chipping queue. 

How many hours would you estimate that you spent clearing your property to make your brush pile?

Do you want your chips spread broadly across a general area (broadcasted) or consolidated into piles (Note that if neither option is selected then the crew will choose)?

Would you prefer to be there when we chip or are you okay with us chipping when you are gone? (either way the crew will notify you via phone or email when they are able to come)

Anything else you'd like the crew to know?

LWFR Brush Chipping Pile Guidelines:


  • Chipping piles should be hand stacked only, no machine stacking (i.e. using a tractor to create large stacks of brush or branches)

  • All piles must be stacked along a road or driveway that is safely accessible by our truck and chipper (Dry, open fields and primitive roads can be used if the chipping crew deams it safe for the equipment to access. If you have doubts then please call and we can take a look).

  • Place all stems of trees and brush facing the same direction, with the cut or butt ends facing the driveway/road

  • All trees and limbs must be under 8” in diameter

  • Brush pile shall be no taller than 5 feet

  • All piles shall be free of dirt, rocks, loose pine needles, noxious weeds, animal waste, garbage, plastic, and metal


If you have a special, unique, or large project that might push the parameters of these guidelines please contact Kristina King, Wildfire Risk Reduction Coordinator, at for further assistance.  

By checking this box, you agree that these guidelines have been met. If the chipping crew feels your piles are unacceptable they will ask the brush to be re-stacked or re-sorted in order to best fit these guidelines. 

Chipping signups are closed for the season effective 23:59 on OCT 8th. We look forward to working with you next season.

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