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Community Chipping Program

Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue offers a free chipping service to assist community members with reducing the threat of wildfires to their homes.


Chipping is a safe, quick way to mitigate brush/small trees/branches without having to worry about causing a wildfire or emitting smoke into the air.

Who is Eligible?

The free chipping service is open to anyone living within District 9 (Plain, Lake Wenatchee, and certain communities on hwy 2). If you are not sure if we cover your area, just call the office and ask!

How it Works

Once you complete the sign up form below, our chipping crew will decide when they are able to come to your property. Typically you can expect to hear from them within a week but during peak fire season it may take longer. The crew will call you to let you know when they are coming and if you do not answer they may still come depending on how you complete the form.

*If your driveway is steep or has sharp corners, you may need to call ahead and have someone come out to take a look and make sure our chipping machine and truck can access it. If a pile is not properly stacked or inaccessible, we may request you to re-stack or move the pile. 

Pile Guidelines
  • We must be able to access the pile with the truck and chipper​

  • Place all of the stems of trees and brush pointing in the same direction with the cut end towards the road

  • Maximum pile height of 5ft

  • Pile items by hand

  • Pile should not block traffic

  • You may have multiple piles, but 1 well stacked pile is preferred



  • Trees and limbs up to 8in in diameter

  • Trimmings and brush

Not Allowed

  • Noxious weeds, sod, root balls, pine needles, slash piles or leaves

  • Animal waste, garbage, plastic bags or metal

Final 2023 Chipping Flyer.png

Additional Resources

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