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Washington Survey and Rating Bureau 


The Washington State Rating Bureau (WSRB) is the premier source of property underwriting and rating information for the insurance industry. WSRB is the only one of its kind to submit filings to the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC).

WSRB conducts in-depth inspections of each fire district in the state. As a result of these inspections, the District is given numerical scores covering items like; response plans, apparatus, personnel, training, fire prevention, communication, certifications, facilities, maintenance, incident management, and record keeping.

These scores are then reduced to a single grade which is then used by insurance carriers to determine service areas and rates for insurance premiums based upon fire district readiness. Theoretically, the lower the score the more insurance providers that would be willing to provide you coverage and at a lower premium than a higher score.


Key to your scoring is proximity to a fire station and a fire hydrant (water supply). Currently, the Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue District has been graded at a 6. This is down from a 7 two years ago for most of the area and an 8 for the Ponderosa. The merging of the two fire districts allowed us to improve in several areas resulting in the lower score. There is a caveat, however, that the further from a fire station and further from a water source (hydrants) your residence is located the higher your grade can be. 


There are many items that WSRB looks at for grading that we as a district have little to no control over such as; fire inspections, fire investigations and dispatch center operations. The fire district continues to work with those agencies that are responsible for those activities to improve services that might benefit the community. Realizing efficiencies in day to day operations and emergency responses requires constant vigilance on our part and we will continue to work towards maintaining and hopefully improving our current score.


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