Cold Weather Safety Tips

We would like to remind people that being prepared for cold weather is a must when snowmobiling. Be prepared by following these simple rules:

Dress appropriately- winter type clothing, layers and proper helmets. Blue jeans and tennis shoes are extremely dangerous if you were to become stranded.

Tell someone where you are going and stick to the plan. never travel alone. Know your equipment and how to use it or repair it. If you get lost, stay where you are and call for help. Back-Track only if safe and possible. If someone is overdue, hurt or missing contact 911 or the sheriff’s office immediately. Have enough fuel for your trip. Check local weather and avalanche forecasts before you go.

CARRY THE FOLLOWING Proper clothing, extra gloves and hat, space blanket Helmet, sunglasses or goggles Emergency food rations Tools for snowmobiles repairs, siphon hose Tow strap, extra plugs and drive belt Waterproof matches, lighter, and fire starter Compass or handheld GPS, and map 9' x 12' plastic tarp and some 1/4" nylon rope First-Aid kit Shovel, flashlight, knife, hand saw or hatchet Drinking water, a trail system map. Litter bag (and use it)

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