outdoor fire pits

Approved Fire Pits
Outdoor Fireplace
  • An outdoor fire pit should not be larger than 3 feet in diameter by 2 feet in height.  

  • Must be made out of a non-combustible material such as rock, concrete, or metal. 

Outdoor Fire Pit
Portable Fire Pit
  • Portable fire pits should be constructed out of non-combustible material such as steel, metal, concrete, or clay. 

  • Features for portable fire pits include: an open design feature, a short chimney, chimney opening at the top, or a small hearth opening. Portable fire pits can also be fueled by propane.

Portable Fire Pit
Campfire Area
  • A campfire area is a designated area to burn natural wood products. Garbage and waste should never be burned in a campfire area.



  • The campfire area should have a ring that is 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height. The ring should be made out of a non-combustible material such as metal, rock, or concrete.



  • A water source should always be available when having a campfire.



  • All combustible material ie: weeds, grass, and wood chips should be removed 1.5 feet from the campfire ring.



  • The diameter around the campfire ring should contain either loose soil or rock to prevent fire spread. 

Campfire Area