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Fire Adapted Communities (FAC)

Our local FAC is called:

Mission Statement:

To protect life, property and the environment while providing education and outreach to build a community, culture, and landscape resilient to wildfire.

What is a Fire Adapted Community (FAC)?

A community that understands its risk and takes action before, during and after the fire in order for their community to be more resilient to wildfire. Fire adapted community members are informed and prepared, collaboratively planning and taking action to better live with wildland fire. 

The graphic describes the components that make up community wildfire adaptation, and gives examples of specific programs and activities that communities can undertake to reduce their wildfire risk. Remember, FAC is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach; every community’s journey to living better with fire is unique.



Our community is no stranger to wildfires. Whether they are human-caused or caused by lightning. In recent years large fires such as the Chiwaukum Creek Fire and Wolverine fire have been major threats to our area homes and businesses. Wildfire is not going away anytime soon and we as a community must become more adapted to living with wildfire. 


Learning to live better with wildfire takes many forms and can begin at any time. Whether you are making sure your campfire is out and cold, supporting the use of prescribed fire by professionals, taking responsibility for your own home (and encouraging neighbors to do the same), evacuating calmly with your prepared "go kit", or helping your community recover, we can make a difference when wildfire occurs.

Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue encourages residents to:

  • Order a reflective address sign,

  • Replace or have installed smoke alarms,

  • Clear an area of defensible space around your home,

  • Sign up for a Home Zone Ignition Evaluation of your property and take action to reduce your risk to the ever-growing threat from wildfire. Everyone has a role in adapting to wildfire. 


Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue in partnership with Washington Resource Conservation and Development Council, Washington Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network, and the United States Forest Service to create a call to action within the Lake Wenatchee Community and the formation of the Lake Wenatchee Fire Adapted Communities.


Desired project outcomes:

  • Incorporation of resilient landscapes, fire-adapted communities, and safe & efficient response in order to more effectively reduce wildfire risk.

  • Leverage of planned and existing state and federal investments in the area through complementary community-based action before, during and after wildfires.

  • Development and implementation of a program of work in the Lake Wenatchee area designed to accelerate Lake Wenatchee’s adaptation to wildfire through enhanced preparedness, response, and recovery. Sharing work and training opportunities will better prepare both organizations, their local partners, and local communities for future success implementing prescribed fire and living in a fire-adapted ecosystem. The collaborative efforts to enhance the fire safety message and the coordinated support will increase fire safety awareness and reduce preventable fires.

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Chiwaukum Creek Fire 2014

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