March 2018

 Well has Spring really sprung? Can’t say for sure but it was nice to have some warmer days and the sun really is rejuvenating. We hope winter has been good to everyone and with this warm-up, talk of outdoor activities has increased. I’m sure you have all heard “nothing is for free” but the Fire Adapted Community Team for our area have been proving this statement is false. They are providing the blue reflective address signs for free while supplies last. You can order them online at our webpage (, call our office (509.763.3034), stop by the Lake Wenatchee station Mon-Fri, or catch one of your local Volunteer Firefighters and place your order. I cannot stress how crucial it is for your address to be visible from the road.

Speaking of Fire Adapted Communities, with the snow melting and Spring right around the corner NOW is the time to set up an appointment for the FIREWISE Team to do a free assessment of your home and property. The ability to have “objective eyes” assess the defensible space around your home and make recommendations on how to prep your home in case a wildfire breaks out may not only save your home but some insurance companies are now offering discounts if you take part in the program. Free assessments and saving money now there is a “win/win” situation.

As yard clean up begins to happen we want to remind folks that you can burn yard waste but not lumber or trash. The piles should be kept under 4’ x 4’ in size, you must remain on site till the fire is completely out! The landowner must be able to extinguish the fire when necessary, so tools and water need to be at the ready. Please keep an eye on flying embers, don’t burn during windy conditions and be respectful of the smoke produced by burning. A hot fire reduces the amount of smoke so build a hot fire and feed the fire by creating a large pile and setting it on fire. Most folks want to “air out” the cabin when weather permits and filling it with smoke is counterproductive. 

Your Firefighters have been busy answering 281 calls for service this past year with 65% of those calls rescue or medically related. We have had two Firefighters complete the Upper Valley Recruit Academy, four members are taking Emergency Medical Technician class, one Firefighter has obtained his Firefighter II National Certification, one has obtained his Firefighter I National Certification, one Officer has completed the Incident Safety Officer Certification and many have attended skill-based classes for responding to emergencies.

We are not only committed to making this one of the safest places to live and play but a fun place as well. LWFR has agreed to participate in the following activities this year: The Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Tour de Bloom Bike Race, Safety Day (Memorial Day weekend), 4th of July Parade, Music Fest, Annual Yard Sale, 9 -11 Memorial, Trunk or Treat, and the Christmas Season Pancake Breakfast. Follow us on our webpage or on Facebook to see the times and location of these community activities.

We are a very UNIQUE community because of your kindness, generosity, and support. Thank you for being there for us so we can be there for you!

Stay Safe, Chief Mick